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RealEstateSharing.com Real Estate Sharing

Let's take a look at what now is possible:

1) Real Estate Sharing

2) Mid Florida Regional Network

3) The Complexity of a Real Estate Sale

4) Digital Property Packages

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By Christopher Sampson https://plus.google.com/101676144586488903771?rel=author Google
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RealEstateSharing.com Real Estate Sharing

1) Real Estate Sharing

"I will put your home in the MLS and then it goes to IDX sites and then national aggregators!"
- Typical Real Estate Lister -

The problem is nobody knows how it will be seen or presented by said aggregators. The listing Broker has little if any control over this. If you buy expensive monthly packages you can begin to try to control the information supplied by Realtor.com. The problem is they seem to change the goal post quite a bit and quite often. The rules they make can cause issues for the marketing of your listings. Once the listing is over so goes your marketing of such.

What we offer here is a direct insert and labeling of your properties with guided support of what will help draw the most attention to your listings. You are the final word on the way you want to market your property just keep in mind we can help.

MLS data is very controlled and has rules that can stop online customers from calling the listing agents. We have a category that is called "Listing Agent" this tells the world you are the listing agent.

"Would you like to increase the number of listings you sell yourself?"
- RealEstateSharing.com

If you only sell 1 of listing a year you will pay for this service for years. Imagine showing your past listings at the listing table and how you list people's properties on a network that allows your listings to get major attention in days with all information pointing back to you as the listing agent!

"Having a platform that allows you to join a network that a person can then add properties to that same network to share is something that is very rare indeed."
- Christopher Sampson

We embrace the communication platform that social media's provide so we designed this platform to utilize that type communication just without the kittens and puppies. If you want to share puppies and kittens use Facebook. If you want to share Real Estate ideas and Real Estate listings welcome to http://www.RealEstateSharing.com

Registration is free and takes less than a minute so get on the communication wave and ride it to new profits register here.

By Christopher Sampson https://plus.google.com/101676144586488903771?rel=author Google
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RealEstateSharing.com Real Estate Sharing

2) Mid Florida Regional Network

Marketing is numbers the more people that know about your property listing the higher price you will get for that listing. Geographical areas have never been more valuable if you understand technology. We all understand local knowledge and how valuable it is. Technology starves for local knowledge but really so many times doesn't know how to deal with it so it gets filtered into some database that nobody can find. Internet sites try incessantly to produce information useful to the end user.

The bottom line is collective thoughts in real time shared across a network of reliable people is a very valuable commodity.

We belong to Mid Florida Regional MLS. I could never figure out why a network has never been designed that utilizes the new communication technology of today. A sandbox we can all play in so to speak so I designed it.

If you even breathe the word Facebook to most Agents or Brokers most produce a blank stare about it. The confusion causes the entire industry to run instead of embracing the brilliance of this type of immediate communication tool. Permission based viewing on a live communication portal with the ability to share in real time any type media you want is nothing short of brilliance in action.

The sandbox is waiting right here for you to work with whomever you choose. All of us being on the same network to share tips and properties and vital information is priceless. You can share videos, pictures, contracts, MP3s, properties, knowledge and share experiences in real time. Need a question answered post it in the forum. Of course you can upload properties that point to you for the contact but better yet are now in a database optimized perfectly for search engines.

Know this search engines look for well structured data that is not static. Just like marketing is based on numbers so is Search Engine Optimization! Do you remember Jerry Maguire saying, "Help Me Help You?" Well the truth could not be said any better than that about playing in this sandbox. The collective efforts of all members will do nothing but draw complete attention to the information shared on the site. The immediacy of sharing information on all major networks allows for properties to be seen by large numbers in minutes that normally took months to accomplish. Look it comes down to this the more eyes that see your listing the better chance you have to sell it for top dollar.

All the necessary pieces of the puzzle that make up Real Estate are here except you! Communicate with your peers and share information like never before and you can do quite a bit of this for free.

Imagine being able to enter a property with countless pictures, full motion video and full documentation perfectly optimized for search engines ahead of the national aggregators.

All you have to do now is share it will the world which is only a few clicks away. VitalDM.com is open to clients, customers and the world with language translations into 52 different languages.

Registration is free and takes less than a minute so get on the communication wave and ride it to new profits register here.

Christopher Sampson https://plus.google.com/101676144586488903771 Google

By Christopher Sampson https://plus.google.com/101676144586488903771?rel=author Google
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RealEstateSharing.com Real Estate Sharing

3) The Complexity of a Real Estate Sale

The complexity of a real estate sale is very tough to keep harnessed and under control.

  1. Find a Realtor agree on price enter into listing contract.
  2. Marketing A Home.
  3. Show Home and Sell Home
  4. Write a contract and negotiate the same - get contracts to all people.
  5. Communicate with all possible principals - Sellers - Buyers - Banks
  6. Arrange all inspections and collect all reports for the same.
  7. Complete contract stipulations and move to closing.

All the moving parts need to share documents and communicate in a way that if something comes up all players can make decisions based on the information.

The Internet and SEO loves the long consistent haul. The current state of the of the Real Estate industry is once we are done here the "digital footprint" is turned off and the process starts over again. I never could understand the logic behind that. The agents have to do the same thing over and over again. The digital footprint is the most valuable commodity a home has and the fact it gets turned on and off in the current arena is an injustice to the seller at present and the new owner in the future.

The digital footprint of information about a property which is ignored after the sale is often thought of as having a time limit of value. Although some information does become less important over time the totality of the information is often scraped because of it. If there is anything more costly to that digital footprint, I have no idea what it would be. Does the MLS understand this concept? No I don't think so the current MLS's will not see this coming as they are so use to the current system that they really see no other way. It would be like saying we are going to put water in your gas tank and your car will drive. The current information aggregators use the tax information to have their digital footprint but that information is limited at best and falls under the rules of MLS data as well. The hybrid of this is putting the information control into the hands of the seller and future seller. It is in the best interest of both to keep the hybrid digital footprint active and in place to have a complete marketing package up and running around the clock. The property status is as simple as stating "off the market" and SEO doesn't care that it is off the market. SEO does care that the property is always there. A property with it's address as the URL pointing to the property page will become etched in stone over the Internet. If the property is SEO optimized on the right platform it will become the first record returned for that property simply because it will have longevity and search engines love that.

OK let's review you want to put your home on the market today. A Realtor comes and gives you an opinion of value and then measures your home you enter into a contract and the Realtor goes back to the office and enters the listing in the MLS the national aggregators pick up the information from the MLS and the search engines pick up the new listings from all the IDX feeds given to Real Estate companies that are in that MLS.

Now if there is already a digital footprint in place the information and the property is already a head of the Real Estate machine that is the MLS. Even if the Realtor was to enter it as a new listing it will not catch up to the other listing for weeks if ever.

A hybrid of tax records is born to the complete benefit of the owners of the property! All that is needed is a properly designed property portal optimized for SEO with document sharing and a complete communication portal.

By Christopher Sampson https://plus.google.com/101676144586488903771?rel=author Google
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By Christopher Sampson https://plus.google.com/101676144586488903771?rel=author Google
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RealEstateSharing.com Real Estate Sharing



Real Estate Listing Board takes pages from social media books, connecting agents and clients across the globe


April 9th, 2013 Orlando, FLORIDA- This week new social media service PINGGERE launches their service world-wide, promising a fresh direction in Real Estate marketing. PINGGERE.com incorporates the hottest trends in online sharing tailored for the needs of real estate professionals and portfolio managers on a global scale.

Combining the ease-of-use of pin-boards with the utility of a realty listing portal and marketing hub, PINGGERE (PIN: Get Global Exposure Real Estate) allows users to simultaneously distribute content across several different channels. This cross-platform concept supports a complete social media circle.

A complete social media circle exponentially increases visibility.

Nielsen Experts indicated that, “Ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.”

However, while online marketing experts recommend use of multiple social media platforms, sustaining numerous accounts is time and energy consuming. It takes professionals away from the heart of their work, and puts them at a disadvantage.

PINGGERE offers an all-in-one approach that streamlines this process and offers the added benefit of built-in networks that have already been cultivated. PINGGERE also offers settings to help custom-design each campaign.

Additionally, clients are able to appeal directly to their ideal audience in a format that is easy to share and categorize. By sharing everything from luxury real estate listings to REO properties and ideas for home renovation, institutions, agents, and brokers can appeal directly to their target’s personal interests.

PINGGERE brings together several global real estate marketing sites—Get Global Exposure, VitalDM, and Realestatesharing.com.

These domains offer unlimited potential, ranking among the highest in competitive property searches. They occupy the first several rankings when searching for “Top 25 Properties in Florida”) do to authority, and true organic keyword use. This high-integrity approach is the preferred among search engines like Google, and yield the most trusted results on global, national, and local real estate listings. Digital packages can cater to any demographic or region.

Digital packages are particularly useful for highlighting REO portfolios. Multiple pins can categorize properties by value, location, architecture style, or other relevant features.

For more information, please contact Christopher Sampson:
Orlando | 407-765-7917 | admin@vitaldm.com
Visit PINGGERE.com for More Information

By Christopher Sampson https://plus.google.com/101676144586488903771?rel=author Google